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Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends: Here we gather some of the best collection of Happy Valentines Day wishes for girlfriends, valentines day wishes for boyfriends. romantic valentines day wishes for girlfriends, Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes For GF in Hindi, Romantic Valentines Day Wishes For BF in Hindi & English.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is the festival of romantic love and people give the greeting cards, letters and send valentine’s day Quotes, valentine’s day Shayari, valentine’s day images through Whatsapp and Facebook.

Valentine’s Day is very important, especially for the lover. They share his & her thought by sending the romantic gift, wishes, messages to her beloved ones and by going restaurant. So share your feeling by sending these romantic and special valentine’s day wishes to your girlfriends and boyfriends.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Sweetheart, had fate not brought you into my life, my heart would have never known how it feels to be truly happy. Thanks to you, all I feel is true happiness.


Babe, you bring into my world all the joy that life can ever offer. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Whenever I set my eyes on you, I fall more and more in love with you and all my troubles disappear. Such is the power of your amazing beauty.


The only time I am truly happy is when we are in each other’s arms. To me, that is the real definition of paradise.


You are the reason happiness has its permanent residence in my heart. If I had one wish it would be that every minute I spend with you last eternally.


On this Valentine’s Day, I reiterate my promise to always love you and be there for you, and I promise to keep the promise I’m making to you on this special day for as long as I live. Have a fabulously beautifully Valentine’s Day.


Honey, thank you for loving me even at times when it’s difficult to do so. May this Valentine’s Day fill your heart with the priceless joy I feel when I look into your eyes

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Valentines Day Wishes 2019 In English For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

I found my everlasting cure for loneliness and sadness the day you stepped into my life, and that is why I will always shudder whenever I imagine my life without your presence in it. I love you so much, babe, and I will always love you for as long as I exist.

Sweetheart, on this special day, I want you to know that for as long as the universe exists, my love for you will never perish. Have a truly fantastic Valentine’s Day.

I smile every day for just 1 reason – you, the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To me, your love is as precious as the oxygen I breathe because I wouldn’t be able to survive on this planet without it. Simply put, I can’t live without you in my life.

Your love is like the air because it is with me everywhere I go. Babe, thank you for filling the vacuum in my soul.

Before I met you, I was incomplete and dead. But you came into my life and showed me how to be whole and feel alive again, and for that, I owe you my life.

What is greed? Greed is asking more from life when you have already been blessed with an incredible boyfriend like mine. Babe, you are all the treasure and happiness I need in this world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine Day Wishes For Girlfriends In Hindi

ये मेरी मोहब्बत थी की दीवानगी की इंतिहा, तेरे करीब से गुजर गया तेरे ही ख़यालो में!!

मेरी आँखो का हर आँसू तेरे प्यार की निशानी है, जो तू समझे तो मोती है, ना समझे तो पानी है!!

भरी महफ़िल मे मोहब्बत का ‪‎जिक्र हुआ, हमने, सिर्फ़ आप की ओर देखा और लोग ‪‎वाह-वाह कहने उठे!!

Mujhe tera sath zindagi bhar nahi chahiye, balki jab tak tu sath hai… tab tak zindagi chahiye. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

Valentines Day Wishes For Boyfriends In Hindi

प्यार कभी पाने की जिद नही करता,
प्यार कभी पाने की जिद नही करता,
खुद के लिए खुशियों की उम्मीद नही करता,
जिसने बिना किसी खुवाईश के प्यार किया हो,
जिसने बिना किसी खुवाईश के प्यार किया हो,
उसका दिल कभी नफरत से नही डरता.


Honton Se Tere Honton Ko Geela Kr Don
Tere Honto Ko Me Or Bhi Raseela Kr Don
Tu Is Qadar Pyar Kary K Pyar Ki Inteha Ho Jaey,
Tere Honto Ko Choos Kr Tujhe Or Bhi Joshila Kr Don

Romantic Valentine Day Hindi Wishes for GF & BF

आयेंगे तेरी गलि में चाहे देर क्यू न हो जाये, करेंगे मोहब्बत तुझ से हि चाहेजेल क्यू नहो जाये. Miss You My Love

अगर में मर भी जाऊ तो उसे खबर ना करना यारो… वो रों पडी तो ये DÏL फिरसे धड़क उठेगा | Happy Valentines Day My sweetheart

धडकनों को कुछ तो काबू में कर ए दिल अभी तो पलकें झुकाई है मुस्कुराना अभी बाकी है! Happy Valentine Day my lover

वहां तक तो साथ चलो जहाँ तक साथ मुमकिन है, जहाँ हालात बदलेंगे वहां तुम भी बदल जाना.

Special Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends In Hindi

कौन कहता है की सिर्फ ‪चोट ही ‪दर्द देता है असली दर्द मुझे तब होता है जब तू ‪ online आके भी ‪reply नहीं देती

Har Dua Kabool Nahi Hoti,
Har Aarzu Poori Nahi Hoti,
Jinke Dil Me Aap Jaise Log Rahete Ho,
Unke Liye Dhadkan Bhi Jaruri Nahi Hoti

Valentines Day Love Wishes 2019

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Kehte Hain Ke Pyaar Aur Zehar Mein Koi Fhark Nahi Hota Hai,
Zehar Peene Ke Baad Log Mar Jate Hain,
Or Pyaar Karne Ke Baad Log Jee Nahi Pate Hain!!!
Valentine’s Day ki subh kaamna!!

Happy Valentine Day Romantic Wishes 2019

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends

Bas Ek Choti Si Haan Kar Do,
Hamare Naam Is Tarah Sara Jahan Kar Do,
Wo Mohabbtain Jo Tumare Dil Mein Hain,
Un Ko Zuban Par Lao Aur Bayan Kr Do!
Valentine’s Day pe kuch to keh do

Saans Lene Se Bhi Teri Yaad Aati Hai,
Hur Saans Mein Teri Khushboo Bas Jati Hai,
Kaise Kahoon Ki Saans Se Main Zinda Hoon,
Jab Ki Saans Se Pehle Teri Yaad Aati Hai…
Happy Valentine’s Day


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Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriends & Boyfriends In Hindi & English


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